You Deserve a Peaceful Night’s Rest
Our Music Will Help You Fall Asleep Quickly & Stay Asleep All Night Long
Get the Sleep You Deserve Naturally with SINES Binaural Music
Sleep is your time to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Releasing stress from your day to fall into deep rest and stay asleep can be challenging at times with all that’s going on in the world and our personal lives. 

9 x 20 Minute Loopable Compositions for $16.99

"I listen to SINES music every night as I go to sleep. It helps balance and harmonize my energy from the day and assists in accessing deeper stages of sleep so I feel rested and energized in the morning."


37, Author from California

"SINES has helped me with insomnia. I’m able to fall asleep within minutes and stay asleep throughout the night until morning. After listening to SINES I have more energy in the morning and throughout my day. I feel refreshed and renewed, even if I’ve gone to bed late."


34, Marketing Director from Portugal

"I have generalized anxiety disorder and depression. The other night, I went to sleep listening to SINES Sleep album and fell into the deepest sleep I’ve had in over a year."


38, Attorney & Investment Banker from Chicago

Our Music & How It Works
SINES is composed in 432Hz musical tuning, woven with calming nature sounds, world instruments, and binaural waves in theta and delta brainwave states that correspond with sleep. Science has discovered by listening to audio reproductions of brainwave states the brain will synchronize to that state. Thus, you will fall asleep and stay asleep by balancing your brain, mood, mind & body.

Ready to Sleep Better Tonight?
SINES Can Help Improve...
  • Insomnia
  • Active Mind
  • Nighttime Over-thinking
  • Restless Sleep
  • ​Inconsistent Sleep Patterns
With A Solid Night’s Rest SINES Helps You...
  • Reach REM sleep faster
  • Sleep fewer hours but feel deeply rejuvenated
  • Shed & manage stress
  • ​Think more clearly
  • ​Balance your mind, mood & body
  • ​Ward off anxiety
  • ​Cultivate a sense of peace and calm
  • ​Boost Your Immune System
  • ​Build stronger, more joyful, supportive relationships
  • ​Maintain a happier and more harmonious household
Also Great For Overall Meditation & Relaxation Anytime of the Day!

Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Irritability

The Science
Subjects who listened to music with delta waves improved their sleep habits by nearly 60% after 30 days.
Tests conducted with subjects who had headaches showed a 90% reduction in pain within 20 minutes of listening to delta wave music.
Listening to binaural music positively affects the production of hormones directly related to longevity of life, well-being, and stress. Subjects’ cortisol levels decreased 46%, DHEA increased by 43%, and melatonin production increased by 98%.
Brainwave Synchronization induced by binaural music – when the left and right brain hemispheres operate in harmony a person thinks more effectively, alertness yet relaxation and peace ensues.
How To Use
Download. Load music into iTunes or any other iOS/Mac/PC/Android music player app of your choice. Play on loop/track repeat at low volume that feels comfortable to you in the room or in headphones. Let go, release, and smile into deep rest. Envision nature, the ocean, something you love that brings you joy. Repeat each and every night!
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